Frequently Asked Questions
Are your systems designed to a particular quality standard?

Yes – all of our systems are designed to the standard BS EN ISO 9001. This is a recognised international standard for quality which means that amongst other things:

  • We have quality control systems in place and we use tested components in our installations.
  • We keep records of where we source our components, so that they can be traced.
  • We determine customer requirements and listen to feedback.
Are you members of any trade associations?
Where are you based?

We have offices in London, but we're an international company with business throughout Europe.

How can I get a quote?

To get a quote you can either email us or phone 01932 780010. Estimates are free of charge.

Can you give me an online quote?

Not really. There's a lot of information that we need before we can give you a quote. We work off drawings or photographs, or we can see the property before we can make a recommendation. To arrange for a quote you can either email us or phone 01932 780010. Estimates are free of charge.

I have a large site – can you handle it?

Large-scale projects are where we excel. For an overview of our capabilities and experience see the case studies on our expertise page. We handle office buildings, large properties, universities, leisure facilities, hospitals and self-storage locations and more.

Do you do maintenance?

Yes – We maintain our own systems and can also maintain elements of existing systems. The type and cost of your maintenance contract will vary depending on the kind of system you have and what level you require.

We have three standard levels of maintenance contract*:




Annual maintenance visits

Free in office hours

Free in office hours

Free at any time (by arrangement)

Free round-the-clock resets

Within office hours



Free emergency callouts


3 per year


Free replacements outside warranty


Parts free; labour charged only


*please note that these may not apply to your system and you should consult your specific contract for maintenance details.