In the world of fire and security, we cover pretty much everything: CCTV, intruder alarms, fire detection systems, access control, gates and doors, people counting, tagging - the list is huge, but these are only the individual elements. We design and install complete systems based on your needs. That might involve one or all of these elements - it may even involve using them in ways they haven't been used before.

Below are some of our areas of expertise. For each area, you can see examples of what we do. You'll notice that these systems are often integrated, with several different functions built into a single system, making it much easier to manage and capable of more functionality.

A very competent and professional organisation. Their customer service is excellent and they make you feel like you're all part of the same team, working together to get the best results.

John Drewery
Engineering Manager
Grundon Waste Management

Knighthood understood exactly what we were looking for and have done a great job... with zero impact on customer services. A reliable & trustworthy group.

Tony Friary
Head of Security
Masters International

It makes a lot of sense for us to use just one company that does the whole job — fire, security and access. The systems they install have been very reliable and they're always at the other end of a phone if you need them.

Youssef Khazari
Head of Security
Joseph Ltd.

Often the library has to handle 9,000 students on a daily basis so our access system has to be smooth, easy-to-use and totally reliable... The system has been working extremely well for some years. It's now being extended across the campus.

Laurence Lockton
Systems Librarian
University of Bath

Security is of the utmost importance to us - it has to be up to date and reliable, which is why we use Knighthood.

Simon Hodgson
Managing Director
Alligator Self Storage

The access system is robust and effective and I have remote support for the system whenever I need it; I can also receive round-the-clock email messages whenever there's an incident onsite. It makes managing a site so much easier.

Danu M. Temelie
Managing Partner
Euro Mini Storage

Sentry's priority is smarter security - storage shouldn't be a hassle, but it should still be safe. Knighthood have helped us actualise this goal with a complete access control system that allows secure entry of cars onto the site without the risk of tailgating.

Al Sheppard
General Manager
Sentry Self Storage

A really reliable system and it certainly meets all of our safety requirements. On top of that, Knighthood do a great job of maintaining the system. No complaints!

John Weir
Building Services Manager
Institute of Chartered Accountants


Access Control Case Studies >>

Knighthood access.

We install gates, doors and locking systems alongside the latest in entry panels, with options for anything from simple keypads and swipe cards to biometric fingerprint and palm readers. These can be integrated with many other components: an access gate might prompt a CCTV camera to record or access keypads can be used to set an alarm.

Intruder Detection Case Studies >>

Knighthood intruder detection.

Intruder detection can be as simple as a system of PIR detectors and door contacts linked into an alarm panel and sounder, but real flexibility comes with integration e.g. receive automatic SMS messages to staff and personnel when the alarm is activated, in addition to alerting the monitoring station.

CCTV Case Studies >>

Knighthood CCTV.

We install a complete range of cameras including static units, remote-controlled PTZ cameras and top of the range HD units. We can also set up video analytics to set custom alarm triggers, or use face and numberplate recognition.

Retail and Asset Tagging Case Studies >>

Knighthood tagging systems.

We have provided top quality retail tagging systems for clothes, shoes and high value items. Our Asset Tagging systems allow valuables such as laptops can be paired with the owner's ID tag, so that a thief removing the item will trigger an alarm, but if the owner takes the item offsite, no alarm will sound.

Fire Detection and Prevention Case Studies >>

Knighthood fire detection and prevention.

We design, install and maintain all types of fire alarm and detection systems including fire detection, carbon monoxide detection and fire fighting equipment. We also manage sprinkler systems, inert gas suppression systems and flood detection.

*NEW* We also supply and install fire spotting cameras!

Radios Case Studies >>

Knighthood fire detection and prevention.

We supply complete radio systems for all industries from service industries to construction sites.

People Counting Case Studies >>

Knighthood people counting systems.

People counting systems use CCTV cameras and video analytics to reliably chart customer footfall statistics for different times of the day - it's a good way to keep track of staffing needs and also check guaranteed footfall.

Doors, Gates and Barriers Case Studies >>

Knighthood doors, gates & barriers.

We install all kinds of physical security systems from gates to turnstiles based on your needs. These systems are usually combined with access control so that barriers and gates lift or open when an appropriate credential is detected e.g. a pin number or a swipe card.

Self-Storage Security Case Studies >>

Knighthood self-storage security systems.

Knighthood have designed integrated fire, security, CCTV and access control systems for the self-storage industry. We have incorporated functionality such as integration with unit rental data, the ability to play streamed music around the site and viewing your site plan complete with rental information live online.