For a self-storage facility in Holland we installed mini PIR detectors as opposed to door contacts in each unit. This was in direct response to a spate of thefts by thieves who rented a unit, came in after hours and cut into the adjacent units one by one. The PIR detection in each unit means that this technique is no longer possible.

Knighthood handles all aspects of fire, security, CCTV and access control for Alligator Self Storage across 11 sites in the UK. "Security is of the utmost importance to us - it has to be up to date and reliable, which is why we use Knighthood. Customers have absolute peace of mind with extensive CCTV and central station linked alarms protecting their belongings." says Simon Hodgson, Managing Director of Alligator Self Storage.

For Sentry Self Storage, we installed a full access control system linked with unit occupation data on Space Manager. The system includes fob and card access as well as audio entry and is installed in over ten sites across the UK. "Sentry's priority is smarter security - storage shouldn't be a hassle, but it should still be safe. Knighthood have helped us actualise this goal with a complete access control system that allows secure entry of cars onto the site without the risk of tailgating." says Al Sheppard, General Manager of Sentry Self Storage.