We design, install and maintain conventional and analogue addressable fire alarm and detection systems. We are specialist installers of radio linked systems, which are ideal for listed and historical buildings where wiring cannot be concealed.

Knighthood provides all the equipment necessary for the safe operation of sites including automatic fire detection, carbon monoxide detection and fire fighting equipment. We also manage sprinkler systems, inert gas suppression systems and flood detection, as well as installing and programming voice alarm systems with customised safety messages for phased evacuation.

At Kingston Upon Thames College, we installed fire detection and alarm systems across multiple sites, providing phased evacuation with integrated release of access control systems. Knighthood also maintains the inert gas suppression systems within the IT suites. "We look forward to working with Knighthood to continue to maintain and improve the college’s fire safety systems." Director of Facilities Management, Graham Norris, Kingston Upon Thames College

At the National Trust property Ham House we undertook a review of the existing fire detection systems and fitted a new aspirating system that constantly draws in air to detect smoke. Aspirating systems provide the most effective early warning of smoke on the property to prevent fire damage, essential in any property with an extremely high fire risk. We maintain this system on a quarterly basis, performing regular response time checks.

At Worth School we designed and installed a fire alarm and detection system to meet the school's health and safety requirements. We used an analogue addressable system to allow for different detection levels, feeding back precise information about what has been detected and where.