These physical security systems are usually combined with access control so that barriers and gates lift or open when an appropriate credential is detected e.g. a pin number or a swipe card. For construction companies such as Balfour Beatty and Mansell we have installed turnstiles and magnetically locked doors to limit site access.

For Coventry Golf Club we installed rising bollards as an alternative to access gates, to allow unrestricted entry for pedestrians and cyclists. Cars could enter by swiping a card or entering a pin, which would lower the bollards.

We have fitted electro-hydraulic gates for large private residences, self-storage facilities and industrial facilities such as Grundon Waste Management.

We have also configured road-loop systems that automatically open a gate on exit, but not on entry. Road loops can also be installed for safety to prevent a gate from closing on a vehicle that is still waiting to pull out onto the road.

At the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICA) we installed a system of magnetically locking doors with a convenient access system. Our installation also included the necessary override and emergency facilities so that the doors would be released e.g. in case of a fire. "It's a really reliable system and it certainly meets all of our safety requirements. On top of that, Knighthood do a great job of maintaining the system. No complaints!" says John Weir, Building Services Manager.