At Grundon Waste Management’s Clinical Waste Incinerator we installed a CCTV and Access Control system for day-to-day control and security needs. The CCTV system enables the operators to monitor all activity on the site, including what waste is being deposited in the loading bay and the status of the plant.

"It’s absolutely essential that we can see certain areas in detail, especially the incinerator chamber itself," explains John Drewery, Engineering Manager at Grundon Waste Management. "We’ve been using Knighthood for many years now... they’re a very competent and professional organisation. Their customer service is excellent and they make you feel like you’re all part of the same team, working together to get the best results."

For world-renowned pharmaceutical supplier Masters International, we undertook a full review of CCTV coverage designed to meet enhanced home office requirements. We upgraded the existing system, adding a total of 18 new cameras. For flexibility and expansion we opted for a networked system of IP cameras tied to a network video recorder, using a mix of fixed cameras alongside remotely controlled PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras to fully cover access routes and warehouse.

"We needed comprehensive coverage of key areas such as the car park and fire exits, as well as the ability to expand the system in the future. Knighthood understood exactly what we were looking for and have done a great job. The consultation and agreed installation was followed through in detail. The Knighthood team scheduled the work for our convenience fitting it around our schedule with zero impact on customer services. Their employees were discrete tidying up as they went along, keeping disruption to a minimum, and working closely with our I.T. department. A reliable and trustworthy group." says Tony Friary, Head of Security

For one large estate we installed and configured an integrated security system that included hydraulic gates with audio entry and CCTV cameras, allowing the site manager to grant entry to a vehicle after checking their identity over CCTV.