We helped Wates Construction to meet their stringent health and safety requirements with access control systems that effectively log staff and visitors on and off various sites. We produced Photo ID access control cards so that and Wates now has an up-to-the-minute, accurate attendance record in the event of an incident. Our other customers in the construction industry include Balfour Beatty and Mansell.

For the University of Bath we installed a card-based access control system integrated a database of 14,000 students.

"Often the library has to handle 9,000 students on a daily basis so our access system has to be smooth, easy-to-use and totally reliable" says Laurence Lockton, Systems Librarian. "The system has been working extremely well for some years. It's now being extended across the campus." We've also integrated a wireless door-locking facility for the bedrooms.

For Sentry Self Storage, we installed a full access control system linked with unit occupation data on Space Manager. The system includes fob and card access as well as audio entry and is installed in over ten sites across the UK. "Sentry's priority is smarter security - storage shouldn't be a hassle, but it should still be safe. Knighthood have helped us actualise this goal with a complete access control system that allows secure entry of cars onto the site without the risk of tailgating." says General Manager Al Sheppard.

Our magnetically locked door system at Swarovski in Chiswick comprises a pair of hydraulic doors coupled with an underfloor loop access system, which reads the cards of people entering or exiting and opens the door accordingly.

At the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICA) we installed a system of magnetically locking doors with a convenient access system. The system comprises hands-free card readers and 'cliptag' ID card holders with cliptags to control the doors. Our installation also included the necessary override and emergency facilities so that the doors would be released e.g. in case of a fire. "It's a really reliable system and it certainly meets all of our safety requirements. On top of that, Knighthood do a great job of maintaining the system. No complaints!" says Building Services Manager John Weir

We also handle integrated security for large estates. For one such property we installed and configured seven hydraulic gates with audio entry, multi-point solenoid locking systems for high security areas, electronic keys that restrict entry to certain zones, biometric fingerprint readers, CCTV, doorbell music, and a system which contacts local staff via sms if the alarm goes off, in addition to contacting the monitoring station.